Why we do what we do. 


The three lines within the Synergy Strength logo represent rungs of a ladder.  We believe fully in the concept of athletic determination, dedication, and consistency as the keys to long term success and reaching heights never before imagined in personal performance. This can be possible for anyone, but it must be pursued in stages and steps.  Small incremental steps forward in an effort to achieve life long results represent the rungs of the ladder in the Synergy Strength logo. Consistency over time equals success and we do this through programming and moving each member forward in health, fitness, and sport. 


When you walk through the doors of Synergy Strength you immediately know that you are part of something different, something bigger, something special.  We can help you do things that you’ve never thought were possible before. It might be an unassisted pull-up, ring dip, muscle up or the ability to squat more than you ever imagined possible.  It might just be moving without pain or discovering that you have muscles in places you never realized, whatever the goal, we can help you achieve it and realize your true potential. 

These moments are incredibly exciting, and this is what is amazing about CrossFit and strength sports in general.  There are not a ton of places you can say, with total honesty, “today I’m going to be challenged in a way I never have before, and I will overcome that challenge!”  Very few things feel as good as overcoming a challenge, achieving a goal and/or successfully doing something you were never able to do before.  And the coolest part is, as you get fitter and healthier, you develop new goals and you find new ways to challenge yourself while having fun at the same time. 


Our coaches understand that beginning a new fitness journey can be a challenging time for some and they embrace it and relish the opportunity to help you reach your goals, and help you continue to challenge yourself.  We will be there to celebrate your successes and also when things don’t go as you hoped or planned.  We will help you evaluate what went wrong and how to correct things for the future.  Our members realize that we are all in this together to get fitter and healthier and we try to help each other in whatever way we can, whatever your fitness level. 

CrossFit can seem intimidating but here at Synergy we’re going to do everything in our ability to make you feel comfortable and welcomed.  We have some members who make spend hours within Synergy and look at it as a second home and some who come for an hour class to train with their friends,  no matter what you are looking for we welcome you into our community with open arms.  You will get fit, make friends, and enjoy your journey to a better you.  At the end of the day, that’s what its all about, being healthier and happier, looking good and feeling good, getting fitter and having fun in the process.


Our mission is to assist you with achieving your goals no matter what they are and what path is takes to get there.  We routinely set aside time for members to discuss working around their schedules, limitations, goals, etc. which are holding back their progress or ability to train.  We are here for you and we are here to ensure your success.  We simply ask that you work with us by being very vocal and by brining us any concerns or comments you have no matter how big or small - we want to hear them and we want to help you find a solution. 


We offer many specialty classes in addition to our traditional CrossFit classes - we offer powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, and mobility classes to either compliment your CrossFit training or to be taken on solely as a separate sport. Outside of all of our programs we participate in charities events, host many local competitions, and host special seminars for members.  There is almost always something on our calendar that you can benefit from or that you can assist you moving forward. 


The best thing you can do would be drop in try out a class, talk to a coach, talk to some members and see for yourself if Synergy Strength is right for you.