What is Strongman?

Strongman is a unique sport of highly varied events and training tools. Strongmen and women competitions will incorporate many disciplines such as truck pulls, lifting of logs, carrying sandbags, pressing kegs, car flipping and lifting, and much more. The sport is a true spectator favourite and it is by far one of the most entertaining and enjoyable training modalities we offer at Synergy.

Strongman at Synergy Strength

Strongman typically train with a foundation of powerlifting and some bodybuilding work.  Atop the foundation strongman and women will incorporate event training, which is practicing the odd lifts of logs, stones, truck pull, yoke carries, etc.  We offer strongman "Event" coached classes on weekends (Sunday @ 10:00am-12:00pm) for athletes and throughout the week we offer coaching via video submission from athletes.  With a strongman membership athletes will receive; a detailed individual program, coached weekend events training, access to coaches via video submission.  Athletes will work with their coaches to move forward effectively with purpose. 

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