Synergy Sport Training Camp 01 - January 13th, 2019


Synergy Sport Training Camp 01 - January 13th, 2019

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The first of many camps at Synergy Strength. Our goal is to continue supporting strength sports via education and development in all aspects.

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Synergy Sport Training Camp 01


Synergy Sport Training Camps are designed with the atheltes and coach in mind. Our goal is to create a multi sport learning and training expereince for those interested in becoming better atheltes and coaches. We (the coaches) have narrowed down the focus of education to the following topics;

  • Fuel - nutrition is the cornerstone and one of the foundations of performance. Dr. Marc Morris will be discussing (over multiple camps) topics such as; weight cutting, comp prep, weight-loss, game day nutrition, supplementation and much more.

  • Mental Training - one of the most overlooked and under valued aspects of top atheltes is their mental game and their mental preparation. Brandon Blenkarn (PhD in Kinesiology Student) will be discussing multiple topics; visualization, imagery, mental toughness, mental hardening, etc. as part of the series of mental strategies for athletes.

  • Assessment - Coaches and athletes need to know how to assess movement (strength, speed, flexibility, mobility, and much more) for best results and to program effectively and with purpose. Varied coaches will cover aspects of assessment and balance and provide feedback and direction on corrections and more.

  • Recovery - We all know it, but do we do it? Training camps will also be addressing aspects of recovery for athletic performance; sleep, fuel, manual therapy, stretching, etc. Some of this will overlap with assessment and training, but specific topics will be address in future camps specific to recovery.

  • Training - last and surely not least we will be covering aspects of training. Training includes actual sport skills and drills associated with the chosen sports. Sport coaches will address issues not traditionally covered or discussed in group class and expand on skills that will take atheltes to the next level. Example int eh sport of CrossFit, we will be discussing topics such as; butterfly pull-ups, TnG weightlifting, row pacing, wod strategies, etc.

Synergy camps will be focused on certain elements of all of the above topics. We may not have the time to cover all in one camp, but we will always address at least 3of5 topics based on time, sport season, interest, and camp focus. In the end our main goal is to provide a service both atheltes and coaches which will allow them to perform their jobs at a higher level.

Preliminary Schedule:

January 13th, 2019 - Camp 01

1:00pm - Introductions

1:15-1:50pm - Headspace: Building your visual 'highlight reel' to use in training and in competition (Brandon)

1:50-2:00pm - Break

2:00-2:40pm - Training Session 01

- CrossFit - Butterfly Pull-ups/C2B - how to build capacity

- Powerlifting - Breathing in the big 3 - timing and set-up considerations

- Weightlifting - The 1 sec squat (how/why/testing)

2:45-3:25pm - Training Session 02

- CrossFit - Barbell cycling & TnG Snatches

- Powerlifting - Deadlift SWAP - relearn how to pull the opposite of your competition movement (conventional vs. sumo)

- Weightlifting - Snatch pull variations (mechanics, intensity, and positions for improved performance)

3:30-3:55pm - Training Session 03

- CrossFit - Rowing Technique (damper, drag, stroke rate, etc.)

- Powerlifting - Conditioning and Strength Sports - when, why and how?

- Weightlifting - Training session and practical session on pull variations

4:00-4:45pm - Training Session 04

- CrossFit - MetCon - practical application workout (pacing, strategies, etc.)

- Powerlifting - Board Press - how to use boards to improve your bench press

- Weightlifting - con’t from above

5:00-6:00pm - Nutrition for competition (game day nutritional protocols)


  • Junior s(under 20 years of age) - $39.00

  • Student Rate - $49.00

  • Regular/Standard Rate - $59.00

Sport/Topic Coaches:

  • Headspace - Brandon Blenkarn (PhD in Kinesiology Student)

  • Nutrition - Marc Morris (PhD Nutrition)

  • CrossFit - Justin Cannon and Brandon Blenkarn

  • Powerlifting - Marc Morris

  • Weightlifting - Chad Benko