Stacy Sigfusson


Stacy grew up on a farm in small town Saskatchewan, and definitely bleeds green 

(although some of that may be from prolonged exposure to John Deere paint).  A 

gym rat from an early age (which is a natural hazard of having two parents who 

are both teachers), Stacy followed his love of health, fitness, and physical culture 

by pursuing a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan, and 

happened to be lucky enough to fall bass-ackwards into a job as an Exercise 

Therapist specializing in cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation (where he continues to 

work until this day).  He also has a background in musculoskeletal and 

neuromuscular rehab.  Stacy’s professional credentials include being an ACSM 

Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, an NSCA Strength and Conditioning 

Specialist, as well as certification with Precision Nutrition.  As an athlete, besides 

playing almost every team sport at one time or another (as small town kids tend 

to), Stacy has competed in Triathlon, Adventure Racing, Trail Running, and 

Obstacle Course Racing (not to mention a couple Cyclo-cross races where he may 

or may not have ended up in the rhubarb patch more than once).  Stacy is proud 

to have been included in the wonderful team of individuals Chad has put 

together, and looks forward to using his knowledge and 15+ years of experience 

to assist the Synergy community.