Super BEE

Rx’d Event 4

Weighted Assault Bike + Pulling Complex + C2B

2 rounds per each team member for time: 

- 20/30 calories assault bike

- 2 Bar MU’s, 4 C2b, 6 pull-ups by any team member(s)

- 10 C2B pull-ups by other team members

**Weighted vest 14/20#


This workout begins with all four team members behind the finish line. At the call of “3, 2, 1, GO…” athlete #1 advances to the assault bike to complete calories. Once the designated calories are complete, that athlete advances to the rig to complete chosen pulling movement. As athlete #1 advances to the rig, athlete #2 now advances to the assault bike to begin the designated calories. At the completion of the chosen pulling movement by athlete #1, he/she move a cone as shown in the flow video below and then will return to the finish line to wait for round 2. This pattern continues for ALL four team members. Team members cannot advance to the next station until it is empty. Each athlete moves a cone to show completed round and then returns to the finish line at the completion of the pulling movement.

Of the 8 rounds to complete, rounds 1 & 5 must be performed as follows:

  1. Complex - 2 Bar MU’s, 4 C2b, 6 pull-ups.

  2. Completed by ANY chosen team member(s). It may be the same team member for both rounds OR 2 different team members. NOTE: The order of the team members CAN change because the pulling complex must be done on rounds 1 and 5.

Rounds 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are 10 C2B pull-ups.

As each athlete finishes a round, a cone will be moved as shown in the video. There will be 8 cones in each lane (1 per round).

Once athlete #4 completes the calories on the bike, athlete #1 will begin ROUND 2 which is completed in the same flow as ROUND 1 with a POSSIBLE changed athlete order.

The clock is stopped once all 8 rounds have been completed and all partners are across the finish line.


Time Cap: 15 min

***NOTE - video demonstrates event FLOW only.

***For details on standards, weights, etc, see Workout DESCRIPTION & Movement STANDARDS below .



  • Air assault bike will be used
  • 20/30 calories

Pulling Movements

  • 14/20# TFF Boss weight vest will be worn

**TFF Boss Weight Vest is worn for entire workout. T-shirts must be worn under vest. Athletes must wear provided vests.


  • Athletes may adjust the seat height only.
  • Athletes must stay on bike until designated calories are showing.
  • Athlete is responsible for re-setting bike monitor.

Bar MU

  • Athlete must show extended arms on base of the swing as well as on lockout.


  • Successful repetitions require the vest to contact the bar.
  • Arms must extend in the base of the pull-up on each rep.
  • Butterfly or kipping allowed.


  • Successful repetitions require the chin to break the parallel line of the bar.
  • Arms must extend in the base of the pull-up on each rep.
  • Butterfly or kipping allowed.


Time for each team member to complete 2 rounds OR reps completed at time cap.

TIME CAP: 15 min