Coupe de Ville

RX’D Event 2

4 Person Deadlift & DB HSPU

3 Rounds For Time

- 12 four person deadlift

- 60 DB HSPU’s


This workout starts with all four team members behind the start line. At the call of “3, 2, 1, GO…”, all four team members will advance to the deadlift bar to complete 12 four person deadlift (athletes may choose to place themselves in any order on the bar). At the completion of the 12 deadlift, one male and one female team member will advance to the two HSPU stations where they will begin working on 30 HSPU’s by the males and 30 by the females. The HSPU’s will be at a deficit performed on dumbbells. The working male and female may tag in their partner at any time. Once BOTH pairs (male and female) have completed their 30 HSPU’s, round 1 is complete. One team member must stack one of the 3 cones to show 2 cones (rounds) remaining. The team will complete 3 rounds 0f the 12 four person deadlift and 60 HSPU’s (30 shared by males, 30 shared by females) stacking another cone after round 2 to show one cone (round) remaining. On the 3rd round, as soon as the 30 HSPU’s are complete, that pair may return to cross the finish line. The clock will stop when all four team members cross the finish line.



Timecap: 8 min


Deadlift weight

  • 760#


  • Male - from 50# Dumbbells
  • Female - from 35# Dumbbells
  • Ab mats will be used between Dumbbells


  • All four team members must have both hands on the bar
  • Full extension must be shown at top
  • Bar (plates) must touch floor on each rep
  • Teams may organize themselves as they choose on the bar (height differences need to be considered)


  • Dumbbells will placed on floor
  • Dumbbells may be moved within the marked area (24" deep x 36" wide)
  • An abmat will be placed between dumbbells
  • Head must touch mat on each rep
  • Hands must be on handles of dumbells
  • Full extension must be shown at top of rep
  • Both heels must be on board at full extenstion
  • Butt may contact board but NOT at full extension


Time to complete 3 rounds or reps completed at time cap

TIME CAP: 9 minutes