SYNERGY REMOTE WOD's - Jan 25-31, 2016.

Squat Patterns: BOSS Practical Mini-Seminar

This is the first in a series of BOSS Strength Institute Mini-seminars tackling the most important movement patterns for rehabilitation, health, and performance. This is a hands-on, practical seminar designed for the health and rehabilitation professional to improve their ability to coach/teach their clients, but is also appropriate for the trainee to improve their own technique. 

Participate in a three hour practical seminar that will address: 
* Individualizing squat stance and depth, 
* Coaching technique/cues/errors, 
* Modifications for mobility limitations, 
* Regressions, 
* Loading progressions, and
* Assistance work to support health/rehabilitation goals. 

Fees: $75 for professionals/trainees, $49 for post-secondary or high-school students

Register by sending an email to: and by clicking 'going' to this Facebook event

Future seminars will cover: Deadlifting, Pressing, Pulling, Strength programming for rehabilitation and will be announced soon.

How cool is this - CF now has new Open categories for Fire, Police, and Military.  Who is the fittest Saskatchewan emergency services personnel??  I am excited to see how this works out. 

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We begin this program cycle with TEST WEEK because we need to get one more the week in before we get into the CF Games Open, which begins February 25th.  We will complete the test cycle and then get back into regular programming leading into the open.  The open requires a very "CF" style of conditioning, which means that aerobic capacity is of high importance and skill sets are not as demanding (typically).  We have been already prepping for this for months, but now that we know the actual starting date we can "peak" for it.  Thursday February 25th, is the first CF Open wod.  We will lead a heavy volume phase 3-4 weeks out of the open and then de-load the last week in as we will hold a moderate volume and intensity throughout the open (5 weeks).  Level 2&3 athletes you have been working on much of your gymnastics skills outside of workouts and in pre-work, but this upcoming phase will begin to bring the work done into the actual competitive workouts programmed, so you will have a lot of in class skill work to complete.  This is all done in a goal of preparation for the open.  The strength work remains similar to other cycles, meaning the volume and intensity waves are similar and static, but we have the addition of more skill work (gymn and oly) in the conditioning portion of the group class.  

WOD #1

Level 2

A. Hollow rocks 4x20sec

B. Rolling planks 4x30sec  

C. Back squat - build to heavy set of 5 in 20min

D. “Crow”

AMRAP in 14 min

- 15 V-snaps or T2B if you have a pull-up bar

- 50 DU’s or skip ropes

- 15 DB hang cleans

Level 1

A1. Rolling planks 4x30sec  

A2. KB good mornings 4x10

- Alternate these two movements - rest as needed between.

B. “Crow”

AMRAP in 14 min

- 15 V-snaps or hanging knee-ups if you have a  pull-up bar

- 50 skip ropes

- 15 KB goblet squats

WOD #2

Level 2

A. Russian KBS 3x12

B. Deadlifts 6x4 - build to heavy set

C. Snatch grip deadlifts 3x8 (@ moderate to light loads)

D. “Nelson”

AMRAP in 4 min

- 16 KBS

- 8 push-ups

- 4 burpees

Rest 2 min - Repeat for 3 total rounds (18min)

Level 1

A. Russian KBS 3x12

B. Suitcase DB deadlifts 6x10

D. “Nelson”

AMRAP in 4 min

- 16 KBS (full American)

- 8 push-ups

- 4 burpees

Rest 2 min - Repeat for 3 total rounds (18min)

WOD #3

Level 1&2

A. KB or DB TGU x 20 total reps - alternating sides each rep

B. “Willie”

AMRAP in 28min of;


- 15 DB push press

- 20 Walking lunges

- 25 DU’s or skip ropes

WOD #4

Level 1&2

A1. KB Goblet Squat 4x12

A2. One arm KB Row 4x10

A3. One armed KB press 4x6-8

A4. KBS 4x20 (Russian)

**Rest 10 sec between each set and rest as needed between complexes of all 4 exercises.

B. “Whole”

For time;

- 80 empty bar or DB thrusters (light)

- 40 burpees

- 20 DB one arm snatches (alternating)

**Scale reps to 60-30-15 if you wish.