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What is the Synergy STrength Remote Crossfit program?

Synergy Strength’s remote CrossFit program provides coaching, programming, nutritional guidance, and direction for those who do not have access to a CrossFit facility or individual coaching.  We like to call this program the "Me and my barbell Program" as those who take part will become very good friends with their barbell as it is a mainstay in everyday training. Programming is created for individuals at any fitness level, from beginners to those of advanced skill levels.  The aim of the program, is to reach as many people with fitness as possible outside of the reach of our home base in Saskatoon.  This program allows anyone across Saskatchewan and beyond to enjoy the benefits of being well coached and guided in their fitness goals.


REmote Crossfit program at Synergy

Our goals are to pass on our expertise and programming to those who would otherwise not have access to it.  We provide weekly/monthly programming access via an online social media community along with ongoing coaching via video submission and nutritional guidance via online video conferencing.  We do not believe in throwing out a program for people to blindly follow, but that we work with individuals to address questions, concerns, weaknesses, and technical issues as needed.  If this sounds "technical", don't worry it is not.  We understand that every member brings forth different strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, and goals and this is another reason we wanted a personal touch to online coaching rather than an impersonal DIY program. 

How does it work?



The remote On Ramp is a half day experience learning how to move and how to properly perform all fundamental exercises we program.  We will also cover basic nutrition and programming outlines. 

Step 1: Contact Us

First step is to reach out to us and chat with us about how we can help you out and what your unique situation entails. 


STEP 4: Regular programming

Once the base program has been completed all participants will move onto the regular monthly programming.  This is provided by the coaches and follows a similar format as the base program, but with much more variety. At this point participants are ready to take on more as the foundation has been laid. Essentially you and your barbell continue to become better friends. 



This is a one month program designed to perfect the fundamentals learned in the On Ramp.  A barbell, plates, kettlebell, and a skip rope are all you need (This may sound like a lot of equipment, but it is essential).  When you begin the Base program you will also register for a nutrition on ramp as well, which is a 5 week (one hour each week) course discussing basic nutritional requirements and guidelines.  The nutritional on ramp will be done online via a video feed with the ability to be interactive and discuss topics with the coaches.

STEP 5: Continued learning

One of the goals of the Synergy Remote program is to ensure life long learning and development of its participants.  We run olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, advanced nutrition, and many more courses which participants will have access to.  Again, our goal is to coach and to improve the lives of those we work with, hence the approach we take. 

Role of the Coaches

The role of the coach is to provide the best member experience possible.  Coaches keep athletes accountable to following the program, provide assessment, feedback on videos submitted, and programming each week.  Contact and communication with the coaches is imperative of creating the best results for the athlete.

Role of the Athlete

Simple - commitment to the completion of the workouts and continued communication with the coaches.  Use the coaches at your disposal to help you move forward with fitness and health. Your commitment to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is the ultimate objective for both the members and Synergy.