SYNERGY STRength pro shop:


Synergy Strength believes in partnering with other great companies in an effort to deliver the best experience and opportunities to its members.  We have partnered with Muscle Milk for our supplementation needs, These Fists Fly for our clothing and workout gear needs, and lastly with Gainz Locker for our meal prep and meals to go. 

Muscle Milk

We are in partnership with Muscle Milk to supply all of our athletes supplementation needs.  Muscle Milk provides the best quality products at an affordable amount.  We carry all the basics needs of strength athletes; BCAA's, protein powders, creatine, pre-wod supplementation, and a few other cool nutritional items. 


Muscle Milk

Monster Milk


These Fists Fly is one of CrossFit's top clothing companies and lifestyle brands.  We are proud to carry their clothing and gear.  TFF primarily carries hoodies, t-shirts, tanks, shorts, sweats, etc.  

These Fists Fly