Powerlifting at Synergy

Powerlifting is a sport of true strength.  The sport consists of three lifts; the squat, bench press and deadlift. In training we encourage and support each other as a "team", our belief is that a the dynamics and camaraderie of a team are what enhance the enjoyment in training and develop high levels of performance.  

Athletes who join the team are assigned a coach to work with and are encouraged to attend "coached training sessions"  to enhance and develop their skills, improve movement quality, and educate themselves on the program provided.  Athletes also have opportunity to train at Synergy on their own schedules as team members also have OPEN gym access.  

For videos of our team in action head over to our social media channels (links below).


Training schedule and pricing can be found below. Central is our main location (Headquarters). This is where our main team and coaches train and work from.


Contact us for more info on setting up remote coaching with our top notch team. We can take over your programming, video analysis, and comp readiness. The goal is to help grow the sport of powerlifitng and we are here to ensure that all can take part in our sport.

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We offer training time for Special Olympics atheltes. The training schedule is;

  • Tuesday 7:00pm

  • Thursday 7:00pm

Costs are shared with Special Olympics Saskatchewan….contact us for more details.



Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 5:30pm

**This is a "team training sessions", which mean coaches are available to assist athletes

**With an unlimited memberships, team members also have OPEN gym access, meaning you can train anytime we are open.



Unlimited = $165/month

10x/month = $120/month

5x/month = $69/month

**additional memebrship options are available - click the button below. 


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