What is powerlifting?

In competitive Powerlifting, there are three lifts contested – the back squat, the bench press, and the deadlift.  Each athlete has three attempts at each lift, and the sum of their best squat, bench press, and deadlift is their Total.  The goal is to execute a proper lift with as heavy a weight as possible. If there is a tie, the lifter with the lightest bodyweight is given a higher ranking.  This sport is all about maximal strength, technique, and efficiency. 

Powerlifting at Synergy?

At Synergy Strength we focus on member experience and we wish to provide the best learning, coaching, and training experience possible. Our coaches are internationally recognizes as athletes and coaches and will work with you to take you to heights in strength never reached before. Our powerlifting program offers;

 - Programming

- Coaching 

- Video Submission coaching reviews

The programming is modified for the individual as necessary and we train and work as a team.  Coaching is available twice a week and then throughout the week members have access to the club whenever we are open and can work with coaches via video submission and review. 

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