Mackie Physiotherapy

Mackie Physiotherapy is considered one of the most experienced and results based physiotherapy clinics in Saskatoon, we are proud to have them providing their services @ Synergy Strength.  

The Mackie team is a powerhouse of manual therapy skill. Their clinic achieves the highest customer satisfaction through resolution or improvement of biomechanical problems and physical performance and above exceptional patient care, service and relations. Their team are considered leaders in the field with their technical abilities for manual therapy, strength development and movement diagnostics. They attack each patient's problem with a sincere intensity to transform them and strive to go the extra mile to treat any patient that has chosen us, to be leaders in customer value from the moment they enter to the moment they leave.


Tyler Van Impe - Mackie Representative @ Synergy

 Tyler Van Impe

Tyler Van Impe


A native of beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Tyler earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Exercise & Sport Studies) with great distinction from the University of Saskatchewan in 2011. He then earned his Masters of Physical Therapy in 2014.

As a newly-minted Physiotherapist, Tyler understands that the best way for his patients to produce optimal outcomes is to keep a broad focus and to partner them in their own care. His patients are treated holistically through manual therapy, exercise, education and moral support.

Tyler has a lifelong love for the sports of Wrestling and Football and a growing interest in the realms of Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit. His experience as a personal trainer has helped him to develop a keen eye for movement dysfunction and Physiotherapy has taught him how to address those faults biomechanically.

Tyler's philosophy involves restoring optimal patient function and preventing future impairments through exercise and self-management. To grow his skills in these areas he has become certified in Functional Movement Systems (FMS), McKenzie Spinal Treatment (MDT) and trained with Diane Lee's Integrated Systems Model. He is also beginning his journey through the Orthopedic Levels System and learning much about Neurofascial Stretching.

Tyler has a love for animals, dance music, sci-fi/fantasy novels and the NFL.

Booking Physiotherapy

Sessions with Mackie Physiotherapy can be booked at the Synergy Strength front desk or by using the Synergy APP.  Contact us at (306)979-9348 or