El Camino

RX’D Event 3

Rope climbs, Thrusters, HSW

For time:

- 8 rope climbs

- 160 thrusters (male and female bar)

- 4 rope climbs

- 80 thrusters (male and female bar)

- 20’ HSW


This workout starts with all four team members behind the start line. At the call of “3, 2, 1, GO…” the team begins to complete 2 rope climbs each in any order they choose. The first team member to complete two rope climbs may advance to their respective male/female bar to begin thrusters. As each team member completes two rope climbs they advance to join their team member for thrusters. Males must complete 80 thrusters. Females must complete 80 thrusters. The thrusters can be shared in any way.

At the completion of the 80 thrusters the pair may start one rope climb EACH (pairs may advance independently). At the completion of one rope climb that athlete returns to the thruster bar to begin 40 thrusters. The other athlete must complete one rope climb before advancing to share the 40 thrusters. The thrusters can be shared in any way. BOTH pairs (male and female) must complete this: one rope climb each, shared 40 thrusters. ***TIEBREAK time*** At the completion of all thrusters and all four team members are behind the HSW line.

The final movement of this workout can ONLY begin once BOTH pairs have completed their 40 thrusters. Female bar will be rolled to the male bar side to create handstand walking lane past the rope. EACH team member must complete a 23’ handstand walk to the finish line. The handstand walk begins BEHIND the designated line. Kick up must be BEHIND the HSW line. The HSW may be done unbroken OR in two segments. From the kick up line to the first GREEN tape. Then from that green tape to the finish line. The handstand walk ends with both hands passing the line. Once an athlete begins the HSW, he/she must finish. Going back to start and letting a team member go is NOT allowed. Once all four team members are behind the finish line, the clock stops.


Time cap:

13 minutes

***NOTE - video demonstrates event FLOW only.

***For details on standards, weights, etc, see Workout DESCRIPTION & Movement STANDARDS below.


Rope Climb

  • Hand must touch a 15' tape on ascent


  • Male 95#
  • Female 65#

Handstand Walk

  • 20' total unbroken

Rope Climb

  • Must show controlled descent to a 9' tape before jumping off rope


  • Bar must be taken from the floor to begin.
  • Thrusters must be completed in one vertical motion.
  • Full depth must be acheived on each rep along with full lockout and control at the top.

Handstand Walk

  • Kicking up INTO the 20'section is allowed.
  • Both hands must pass line to complete rep.
  • Partial distance will not count.


Time to complete all reps OR reps completed at time cap.

Time cap: 13 minutes