Lou-anne Stefankiw


I needed a gym when I was back in the city for bit in 2012. I knew whatever Chad had 

would be something really good as he was super passionate about fitness. At that time I 

knew nothing about CrossFit, I just wanted to get into shape and be challenged.  I went 

back teaching for awhile after my time in Saskatoon and I realized I wanted to be more 

involved in my own fitness as well as helping others.  My short time with the gym had 

awoken a fire in me that I had been so wanting to feel for a long time.  I travelled to L.A. 

to do my Level I coaching and coached for one year in Yorkton SK at CrossFit Function. 

 My coaching duties were group classes and kids. In August of 2015 I started full time at 


Why Synergy?

I like Synergy because it has a high educational component for coaches and members. 

I’m a learner and this environment is a good fit for me. The other part to Synergy is it’s 

community aspect. There are lots of smiles and we have a lot of fun.  The members 

come in every day with enthusiasm and good energy and that is what makes this place 

so amazing and inspiring.  I love that I have been led into another aspect of strength, 

Strongwoman and love that I have the support and coaching to continue to train for 

something so different and awesome!   

Sport background and achievements:

I played competitive basketball and volleyball in high school, and I always felt like I had 

more in the tank. When I started CrossFit, that love of not only competition, but working 

each day to be better, stronger was something I had missed so much about sport.  It 

also gave me the opportunity to awaken that missing part that I felt like I never quite 

got to in highschool.  I competed in CrossFit since 2012 in various competitions. Recently 

thank-you to Synergy, I have entered the sport of Strong Woman, competing in 3 


Coaching credentials:

CrossFit Level 1 

CrossFit Kids

Favourite lifts or wods:

Randy – 3:57

Any Strong Woman medleys

Press – max 120#s