Lecina hicke


I remember my first day of CrossFit at Synergy Strength like it was yesterday.  As a girl that devoted her fitness regime to both running and sit-ups exclusively – I was wholly and completely out of my element.  I had never touched a barbell in my life, I was using every elastic on the planet to muster the strength for a single pull-up, and my max snatch was less than the “bar” as I had no freaking clue what a snatch was.  But I knew I loved it.  It was at that moment, I decided to put my head down, put in the work, and trust whatever crazy, genius process this was going to be.

Four years later, I’ve grown stronger, developed a whole new skill set and am find myself in a position to encourage others as I have been encouraged as a coach at Synergy Strength.

I have a full time job working for St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, a weekly, real-life fashion and beauty blog with my sister  (www.sheandher.ca – check us out!) and I train about five to six days a week at Synergy.  My weeks are hectic, the days are busy and often go by in a blur, but I consistently look forward to coaching at Synergy.  It’s an environment like no other.  It’s a community that builds self-belief by way of believing in each other, that grows its strength through encouragement, and that celebrates hard work just as much as success and personal victories.

I’ll be forever grateful to Synergy Strength and the change they’ve supported in me as both a person and an athlete.  If you’ve recently googled CrossFit, or are presently searching for something . . .have no doubt – you’ve found it.