Laurie Meschishnick


 I joined Synergy in 2010 knowing nothing about CF but that my neighbor opened this gym with another guy with a weird tattoo.  My middle son went to check it out and I thought how fun it would be to workout with him.  

I started coaching early in 2015. It was time to pay back what I was given at Synergy.  I’ve received many hours, expertise, and guidance from the coaches along with a lot of love. The opportunity to pay forward was due.  

I love Synergy because it takes care of people whether we are a coach or a member. At Synergy there is something for everyone.  Every single person is able to have a great experience on his or her terms, from healing an injury to be pain free to becoming an elite athlete.  What I love about CF is that not only does it offer the chance at a better life physically, but psychologically as well. That’s a hard one to understand until you get in here, and sweat with us. Everyday at Synergy and through CrossFit people come together to honor their body, to take care of themselves in many ways besides their physical body. I love that. 

CrossFit re-ignited a competitive fire for me. And I bought it hook, line and sinker. It reminded me of a high school gym with a lot of fun equipment. I’ll always remember Death by Burpees and Chelsey (with a band) as some of my first workouts. 

Sport Achievements

For me CrossFit re-ignited a competitive fire that was lost in adulthood. 

I come from small town SK where I played every sport. I was good at everything, but didn’t excel at anything. In my adult years I took on all the different fitness fads of the decade: yoga home videos, the 80’s aerobics frenzy, home weight lifting (bicep curls) etc.  I settled in at high intensity interval running several times per week with hot yoga on the side. 

I have been blessed to compete at the CrossFit games three times. Kudos to all the coaches and members who have helped me get there. Silver medal in 2011, 6th place finish 2012, bronze medal in 2015.  

Favourite lifts or wods with performances: 

Filthy Fifty

Fight Gone Bad