Lauren Taylor

Lauren never had the typical path to fitness.  She started out trying a handful of sports and not really specializing in any, generally leaning towards the more individual and human movement based sports (gymnastics, dance, and track).  University is where it changed and she was recruited to the University of Saskatchewan track and field team for high jump, and later on, pentathlons.  This was a life changing process for her as she realized how much she loved trying to master movements and learn the science behind why and how people improved.  She switched her major into kinesiology and never looked back.  She now thrives to learn all she can about exercise and sport and will never stop trying to master human movement.

She has been personal training for a few years now and has been trained in a variety of training modalities.  That being said, she has completely fallen in love with kettlebells and strength training.  

Why Synergy?

The mesh between many different sports, training modalities, personalities, and skill levels makes her very excited to go.  There is a wide range of personalities all getting along, even if the only thing they seem to have in common is their mutual love for fitness and this facility.  The people are all positive, encouraging, and friendly.  She can definitely see why so many call it home.

Education and Certifications

B.Sc. Kinesiology - University of Saskatchewan



SFG Kettlebell level II

Precision Nutrition level I

NCCP - weightlifting level I

NCCP - Run Jump Throw level I