Jo-ann Clarkson


Jo Ann Clarkson is no stranger to hard work. She lives on a cattle farm with her husband, Kevin, and their three children and is a former competitive figure skater. She brings this energy to her CrossFit coaching at Synergy.   Even though she now boasts a 180lbs competition clean and jerk, it took her a year from first watching Youtube videos of amazing CF athletes online to stepping into her first class at CrossFit Saskatoon.  Jo Ann understands that gathering the courage to try CrossFit can be the most important PR (personal record) of all. She fell in love with CrossFit at Synergy because of the community. She says, I can’t really explain it. You just have to experience it. It is the one place I go that is alway positive and encouraging. Coaches and other athletes don’t judge your capabilities, body type or performance, they recognize that everyone has their own reason for being there and are truly excited for each person's accomplishments and success.

She also loves that the WODs always leave her feeling stronger; either physically or, just as often, mentally, because they challenge to pushed herself to do something of which she never thought she was capable.  Jo Ann strives to share this feeling with every person she coaches and loves to help her athletes achieve new heights.   

One of her favorite WOD's is Grace, which she has completed in 2:50 minutes, and one of her best lifts is a 325lbs Deadlift.