Our commitment is to provide a fitness experience like no other.  You have goals, dreams, and ambitions for your fitness and health - let us join you on your journey to a better you.



Step 1: Take action

Send us an email or call us today to learn more about what we do and sign up for a FREE INTRO to our club.

(306) 979-9348


Step 2: Free Intro

Attend a free intro to view our club, experience the atmosphere, and have all your questions answered.  It is today you can officially become a thriving member of Saskatoon's fittest and strongest community at Synergy Strength. 

Step 4: GRoup class

Group classes will introduce you to CrossFit and start your fitness journey. The group class schedule is HERE - we offer something for everyone.  All members should review the Synergy nutritional philosophy and watch for the next release of our nutritonal challenges, which we run ofter.  These challenges are 5-12 weeks in length and designed to increase your education and committment to healthy eating.

Step 3: On Ramp

Mandatory for all members of Synergy Strength - attend 3-4 sessions to cover the basics of what we do.  Be prepared to workout as these sessions are not all lecture, they are on the floor of the gym learning the fundamental movements and gym etiquette of Synergy Strength. FIRST and SECOND session are based on technique development and understanding class structure.  The THIRD session is in class with a coach.


With your nutritional and exercise needs met and you now a part of the strongest and fittest community in Saskatoon - you have all the tools to become a better you, a fitter you, and healthier you.  We are here for to assist you and to help you on your path - never shy from talking to us and allowing us to help you in any way possible.

(306) 979-9348