Our commitment is to provide a fitness experience like no other.  You have goals, dreams, and ambitions for your fitness and health - let us join you on your journey to a better you.


+Step 1: Take action

Send us an email or call us to learn more about what we do and sign up for a FREE CLASS or FREE INTRO today.

  • FREE CLASS - we always offer a free class to anyone who wants to jump in and give things a try.
  • FREE INTRO - we will schedule you for a gym tour and a meet and greet (this can be done before a free class if you like)

(306) 979-9348

+Step 2: Free Class/Intro

Attend a free class or intro to view our club, experience the atmosphere, and have all your questions answered by a coach and learn about how members start with Synergy. Today you can officially become a thriving member of Saskatoon's fittest and strongest community at Synergy Strength.

+Step 3: On Ramp/Beginner Classes

Mandatory for all members of Synergy Strength - attend a one time class we call the "OnRamp", which cover the basics of what we do in our programs/classes.

After which you can start BEGINNER classes (if doing CrossFit), which are designed to ease the entry for new members. If you are interested in other specialty programs we can get you started with a coach right away.

+Step 4: Start Group Class

Group classes will introduce you to CrossFit or other specialty programs and start your fitness journey. You can continu to grow and understand what Synergy is all about and meet the great coahces and members that make up our community.

+STEP 5: Enjoy The Path

At Synergy you have all the tools to become a better you, a fitter you, and healthier you. We are here for to assist you and to help you on your path - never shy from asking questions. It is our members opinions and suggestions that mold our path and direction. We listen to you and wnat to learn more about your needs and desires.

Need More Information - Contact Us Below

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Are you interested in scheduling a free intro or class? Get a hold of us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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