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It’s go time!

The month of February is an important time in a Crossfitter’s life – the opportunity to see how you stack up against your peers comes once per year and not something you've taken lightly. 

But has your nutrition matched your training intensity?

For the first time ever, our team at Synergy Strength is offering the group nutrition program, “Fuelling the Open”.

“Fuelling the Open” focuses on how to structure your nutrition to maximize performance for each weekly Open workout – with individualized coaching targeted to your nutritional requirements and food preferences.

OBJECTIVE: Lead by nutrition coach, Dr. Marc Morris this course will teach you how to structure eating to maximize your performance in the Crossfit Open. Eating for performance goes beyond the day of the event –let us teach you how to eat leading up to the weekly workout so you can perform your best.  


·       1-on-1 customized coaching and weekly check-ins with Dr. Marc and Coach Jen Marchuk

·       Group support (private Facebook group)

·       Weekly education and discussion around how to peak performance in the Open


Start Date: Monday February 18th, 2019

COST: $169  (6-week commitment)

Contact out admin staff at info@synergystrength.ca or call at 306-979-9348 to reserve your spot. Spots are limited. 


Dr. Marc Morris