Fitness Boxing at Synergy

Fitness Boxing with Coach Anthony is a unique program for all ages.  Learn the basics of boxing (non contact) in a fun team oriented environment with a focus on conditioning and fitness.  A traditional boxing program will focus on the sport of Boxing, but at Synergy this program is for fitness only with a focus on strength, mobility, speed, hand eye coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. Classes are highly functional, team oriented, focused on interval training and done in a supportive enjoyable environment. 

You will get;

- Challenging workouts that change daily

- Trainer led classes to demonstrate an teach techniques

- Classes focused on quality movement and speed

- Fit, not hit. 


Saturday 11:00am

**This program is included with your regular membership


Unlimited = $165/month

10x/month = $120/month

5x/month = $69/month

Drop-ins = $15

**additional membership options are available - click the button below. 


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