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Food Fundamentals - 3 Month Remote Weightloss Challenge

Date - Monday May 14th, 2018

Schedule - Weekly check-ins and tasks completed remotely 

Cost - $125/month 

Max attendees - unlimited

Coach - Sherri McEwen and Marc Morris 

Details - The Food Fundamentals course is a 3 month course designed to teach, develop, and assist each participants in implementing positive eating habits for weight-loss (fat loss) over the 3 month period. Participants will have weekly tasks and check-ins with Synergy nutritional coaches to help with accountability and education/understanding.  This course is designed to meet the participant at their current level of eating habits and knowledge and is truly for all interested in looking, feeling, and performing better. We will cover everything from what proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are and how to implement them into a fat burning diet along with how to maximize eating for the long-term and how to create positive habits around food consumption as well. These courses are always highly successful and we can not wait to start working with you. 

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