Chad Benko - Owner and operator


Chad is the owner and operator of Synergy Strength, he grew up in small town and pursued his love of fitness at the University of Saskatchewan graduating with a degree in Kinesiology.  After university Chad pursued a career as a personal trainer, after many successful years in this field Chad wanted more and dreamt of a different approach to fitness and health.  Chad enjoyed "odd" styles of training, which he considers part of the history of physical culture, it would not be strange to find chad swinging kettlebells, lifting barbells, dragging sleds, pulling vehicles, and hauling around sandbags on the street of his home.  This was a regular occurrence and this love for strength and fitness eventually brought him to CrossFit, which changed his perspective forever, finally a community of like minded people interested in olympic weightlifting, odd object lifting, and outside of the box conditioning methods.  This love for CrossFit eventually led Chad to want to begin his own club  with a unique culture of fitness. In the early days the club was titles CrossFit Saskatoon and as it grew and expanded into a multi sport facility the name changed to Synergy Strength and Conditioning. This eventually transformed into the home of strength sports in Saskatoon and the home of Synergy Sports Therapy.  

Over the years Chad has competed in many sports; weightlifting, running, CrossFit, powerlifting, and strongman at national levels.  This wide range of backgrounds and interests has served Chad well as it has created a strong and broad foundation of education and learning to which he brings to Synergy Strength programming and direction. 

What does Synergy Mean?

Synergy is much more than a job or a place of employment for Chad, it is a passion.  Chad originally entered into the field of personal training due to a strong love of working with people and assisting their growth in weight loss, strength, and fitness.  Chad has been blessed with the opportunity to do what he loves and call it work.  His mission is to support strength sports and their athletes, hence the reason he is so involved at multiple levels within so many different sports, Chad has coached at a national and international level in multiple sports, been a part of grass roots development in Saskatchewan and beyond for over 10 years. 

Synergy is an outlet for Chad to do what he loves and a platform on which to develop and achieve his mission and goals within the sports development and athlete development.

Other commitments

Synergy has provided the opportunity for Chad to reach out and be involved in research at the University of Saskatchewan on high intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training in multiple different facets - this work in research also spawned the beginning of BOSS Strength Institute.  BOSS is a collaboration with Scotty Butcher with a purpose of advancing education and research in the world of strength training and HIIT. BOSS hosts seminars across Canada for groups interested in learning applications of strength training for different groups of individuals; the primary group being exercise professionals; physiotherapists and exercise therapists. 

A top of the work that Chad does with BOSS he is also a co-owner of These Fists Fly (TFF) an exercise equipment and apparel company which develops top notch gear for weightlifters, crossfitters, and strength athletes.

In the end, Synergy is a place for family, friends, and loved ones to congregate and achieve things never before imagined. Synergy is a second home for Chad and his family, which is exactly the way they wish to keep it. 

Athletic achievements

- 3x CrossFit regional athlete (individual and team)

- National amateur strongman athlete

- Nationally ranked powerlifting athlete

- Nationally ranked weightlifting athlete

coaching achievements

- 6x CrossFit regional coach

- 4x CrossFit games coach

- 5x Saskatchewan (Junior and Senior) weightlifting coach


- BSc. Kinesiology - University of Saskatchewan

- Certified exercise physiologist (CEP)

- Certified personal trainer (CPt)

- Co-owner BOSS Strength Institute (research/education company)

- Chad also holds over 30 other certifications and seminar achievements as a trainer/coach