Date - February 02&03, 2019

Location - Synergy Strength and Conditioning - 400-1222 Quebec Ave, Saskatoon, SK. S7K 1V2.

Description - Fast, Fun, Greasy, Team oriented Workouts.

- The CIC is for everyone. The CIC was designed to support and showcase the sport of CrossFit - meaning; the people, the wod’s, and the camaraderie of the greater community. Saskatoon has been a strong and vibrant hub of fitness for years and the CIC is a competition that brings everyone together from the Saskatoon community and beyond.

Teams - 2 men and 2 women (Teams of 4)

Divisions - RX’D, OPEN, BEGINNER

- SATURDAY - RX’D and BEGINNER Competition

- SUNDAY - Open Competition

Workouts - All teams are guaranteed 5 workouts

Cost - $99/athlete

2019 Cast Iron Classic Sponsors


CIC Teams consist of 2 males and 2 females.


The full CIC floor plan.


The CIC Field Diagram (6 lanes of 30’)


The CIC will continue with the format of 3 divisions of competition. We will offer the following divisions;

  • RX’d - This is the most challenging division with the highest level of load and skill work programmed. If in Rx’d division atheltes should be aware that HS walking, HSPUs, MU, heavy weightlifting, and almost any other skill set can and may be programmed. If you regularly or always RX gym workouts then this is your division!

    • Rx’d Teams compete Saturday February 02nd, 2019.

  • OPEN - The open division is somewhere between the RX’d and BEGINNER divisions in loading, skill sets required, volume, and intensity of competition. If you have competed before or have 8-12 months experience within our sport this is most likely your division. Skills such as HSPU’s, DU’s, or pull-ups will most likely be required (although we offer scaling) and most likely programmed, but movements like MU’s, and bodyweight snatches will not. This is where most athletes will be registering.

    • Open Teams compete Sunday February 03rd, 2019.

  • BEGINNER - The beginner division is for those who have never competed or are fairly new to the competition scene. This division is 100% for fun and to get involved in the sport of Functional Fitness. The workouts will be scaled and easily modified to ensure that anyone can compete. We love our sport as much as you do and we want to ensure that all athletes feel included and have a place to take part no matter what skill set or level of experience that possess.

    • Beginner Teams compete Saturday February 02nd, 2019.

  • Each team will complete 5 workouts each over the course of one day of competition. If this sounds like a lot of work, you’re right, but the workouts are short and not all will be high volume. Some will be 60sec in length while others will be 5+min. You can be guaranteed one thing - workouts will not be long. The CIC is all about short, fast, greasy, team oriented workouts - no long chippers of aerobic feats of endurance. Our goal - make this competition all about inclusivity and fun.

Tyler Siwak and Colin Hoeft will be back on the microphones (both completed the Voodoo Fitness Festival)

Tyler Siwak and Colin Hoeft will be back on the microphones (both completed the Voodoo Fitness Festival)

  • All athlete podium prize packs are supported through our amazing sponsors. We are looking for 9 sponsors, one for each of the podium spots available across the three divisions. All sponsorship collected will be put directly toward the athlete prize packs. If you are interested in sponsoring the CIC please contact us @ comps@synergystrength.ca or click link below.

Registration will go live NOVEMBER 09th, 2018 @ 8:00am

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