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Cancer Fighter Exercise Program

The Cancer Fighter program is a specially designed for those who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer. With the Cancer Fighter head coach being a cancer survivor, we know, first hand, that cancer fighters need a special program designed with them in mind.  The program is a combination of strength-based movements (bodyweight and barbell) and aerobic training.  Each small group session includes hands on coaching to adapt any movement to meet your current needs.  We can adapt our program to any exercise level and to any limitation.  

An exercise program developed for cancer fighters has been shown to:

  • Reduce the chance of some cancer recurring (!)
  • Relieve cancer related fatigue
  • Reduce muscle and joint pain due to cancer treatment  
  • Reduce psychological stress due to cancer (anxiety, depression, improve body image)

Being a cancer fighter is hard and you shouldn’t ever do it alone.  To successfully overcome surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, you need an excellent support team surrounding you.  Let our coaches and the support of other cancer fighters help!  

Membership Pricing: Unlimited = $120 / Month 100EOS5D 0155 September 30 2017-2.jpg


Tuesday and Thursday - 7:00pm



Unlimited = $120/month

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