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BOSS Strength Institute is an educational company formed to educate professionals int eh field of physical rehabilitation, personal training, professional coaching, and any other fitness professionals.  We host seminars on strength training, high intensity interval training, rehabilitation, program design, and so much more.  We have experienced a huge gap in the learning, practice, and implementation of strength training within rehab all the way to sports performance settings and our mission is to ensure proper education is given to those who need it and wish to pass it on to others.  

BOSS Strength Institute is not only involved in educational seminars and lectures, but we also do research in the field of strength and conditioning.  WE are connected with the University of Saskatchewan and the College of Physiotherapy's Integrated Clinical Exercise Physiology Lab (ICEP) who we collaborate to do research on multi-modal HIIT and strength training practices. The up to date research we have done;

- In house training program 

- Acute HIIt response in comparison to MM-aerobic

- HIIT vs mono-areobic vs MM-aerobic

- Older adults

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"BOSS Strength Institute is designed to fight the epidemic of physical weakness be building an army of strength insurgents"

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