Beginner - Event 5

Speed Cluster (clean to thruster) Ladder

LADDER #1 - ALL Teams

- 15 clusters

LADDER #2 - Top 12 Teams

- 10 clusters

LADDER #3 - Top 6 Teams

- 5 clusters


This workout is performed in male pairs and female pairs. The lane will be divided into 4 quadrants where a designated number of clusters will be completed first by males then by females.

This workout begins with male pairs behind the start line, female pairs under the rig at opposite end of lane. At the call of “3, 2, 1, GO…” the male pairs will advance to loaded bar.

LADDER #1 - The male pairs will proceed to complete 3 clusters in quadrant 1 shared in any way. Bar will be rolled forward to quadrant 2 where 3 more clusters will be completed shared in any way. After completing the 3 clusters in quadrant 3, they will roll the bar BACK towards the finish line for 2 more quadrants of 3 clusters, totalling 5 quadrants and 15 clusters. Once the male pair complete the 15 clusters, the female pair begins completing their 15 clusters in the same flow as male pair. ***Both athletes remain behind the bar and complete each cluster facing the direction they are moving.

Female pair must cross finish line to stop clock. (finish line is where male pair starts the workout)

LADDER #2 - Exact flow of LADDER #1 will be repeated with increased load.

LADDER #3 - Exact flow of LADDER #1 will be repeated with increased load.


TIME CAP: 4 minutes per Ladder

***NOTE - video demonstrates event FLOW only.

***For details on standards, weights, etc, see Workout DESCRIPTION & Movement STANDARDS below.

***All ladders have same flow.



  • LADDER #1
  • 5 quadrants x 3 reps - 55/75#
  • LADDER #2 (top 12)
  • 5 quadrants x 2 reps - 65/95#
  • LADDER #3 (top 6)
  • 5 quadrants x 1 rep - 75/105#


  • Full depth squat must be acheived on each rep
  • Full lockout at top with control clearly shown
  • Bar must continue to move upward in ONE continuous motion from squat position to full lockout


Time to complete all reps OR reps completed at TIME CAP.

TIME CAP: 4 minutes