El Camino

Beginner Event 3

Hog flips + Kipping leg raises with Med Ball Zercher Hold 

2 Rounds per gender pair for Time

- 12 hog flips

- 25 leg raises with med ball hold


This workout begins with all team members behind the start line. At the call of “3, 2, 1, Go…” the females will run to the rig for med ball holds and leg raises while male pair advances to the hog.

Females must complete 25 leg raises. Leg raises can only be completed while med ball hold is being performed. Athletes may rotate between movements as they choose.

Males will complete 12 alternating hog flips.

Once ALL work is complete (25 leg raises, 12 hog flips), females will move to the hog and males will move to the rig. Females may choose to flip the hog together to complete 12 flips. Males will complete the 25 leg raises with one partner working on leg raises while one partner performs med ball hold.

***NOTE: Weight on the hog must be adjusted for males and females. Either the males or females may adjust the weight. Four 10# plates must be removed for the females and added for the males on the same pegs used for first round. The four plates and clips must be put behind the start line when not in use.

This workout is complete when female partners and males partners have each completed 2 rounds of leg raises and hog flips. All team members must be behind the finish line to stop the clock.


TIME CAP: 10 min

***NOTE - video demonstrates event FLOW only.

***For details on standards, weights, etc, see Workout DESCRIPTION & Movement STANDARDS below.


Hog Flips

  • Male - empty hog + 40lb.
  • Female - empty hog

Med Ball Hold

  • 70/100#

Hog Flips

  • Males will flip alone.
  • Females may choose to flip in partners.

Leg Raises

  • Both knees must rise above crease of hip.
  • Both heels must pass behind vetical plane of bar at bottom of kip.

Med Ball Hold

  • Med ball must be held infront of body, not on shoulder or resting on legs. (no belts allowed)


Time to complete 2 rounds per gender pair OR reps completed at time cap.

TIME CAP: 10 min