Beginner Event 1

2000m Row for Time

500m for each team member 

This workout begins with all four team members behind the start line. At the call of “3, 2, 1, GO…” athlete #1 will advance to the rower, strap in and begin rowing. All team members may be on the floor at this point and may assist in transitions. The rowers will be set to count DOWN from 2000m. The first athlete will row until 1500m is displayed and Judge says “change”. Athlete #2 will get into the rower and start rowing. Roll over metres count. Athlete #2 will row until 1000m is displayed and Judge says “change”. This will continue until all 4 team members have rowed and the rower shows zero metres.


The time to complete the 2000m row.

TIME CAP: 8 minutes

***ALL rowers will be set to a drag of 120 and will not be adjusted.


***NOTE - video demonstrates event FLOW only.

***For details on standards, weights, etc, see Workout DESCRIPTION & Movement STANDARDS below .