The number and breadth of programs we offer is something we are very proud of at Synergy Strength.  We love strength sports and we consider ourselves "physical culturists", which simply defined is a love of movement, strength, health, and fitness in many realms.  

We try not to push members into any one of the sports, but encourage everyone to try them all and find a path that they truly enjoy.  The best schedule, routine, and program is one that the trainee loves and enjoys the most as a trainee will have the highest likelihood of adherence, which is what sets up long-term success.  

Below is a list of all programs that Synergy Strength offers. 

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We are very passionate about sport and believe that one can take part in three different ways; Athlete, Coach, or Developer.  At Synergy we are highly involved in all aspects of sport.  Our ATHLETES & COACHES take part from grassroots to international level and our involvement in sport DEVELOPMENT by sitting on sport boards, host competitions, educate through lectures, seminars, and courses. 

Our goal is to develop coaches, athletes, and sport in general as this is a core part of our belief and involvement.